The Outreach division seeks to fulfil the Great Commission given to the Church by the Lord 

Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19-20) by reaching the unsaved and the unchurched.


is an integral part of KICC The Open Door’s vision of Growing Big. Once we have reached out 

to the lost and the unsaved, we like to provide and environment that helps people grow in God’s 

grace. The following ministries support this vision:


Every February and October all KICC Branches and Chapels embark on evangelism, alongside the main church. We go out into markets, shopping areas and local communities to spread the Gospel.


The Saturday Soul Winning Squad goes out on a weekly basis to evangelise the local communities.


At KICC The Open Door, our guests are very important to us and they are given a very special welcome during our services and made to feel at home. After the service, a special reception is held where guests meet with leaders and are given more information about KICC The Open Door services and activities. There is also an opportunity to ask questions. Most of our guests always want to come back again because of the welcome and warmth they receive.


Altar Workers assist officiating Ministers to minister to people when altar calls are made. The altar calls are normally for salvation of souls but also sometimes for healing or deliverance. Altar Workers primarily make people who come forward for ministration feel comfortable. They also minister to those who have given their lives to Christ by praying with them to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and assuring them of their salvation.


We are at work behind prison bars, reaching men and women with the Gospel. Transforming lives, so that prisons release disciples of Jesus Christ - not repeat offenders.