The Audio-Technical department oversees the PA systems, ensuring high quality sound during all services. The responsibilities of this department include:

  • Setting up and operating all sound equipment on stage and front of house mixers.
  • Carrying out full sound checks with all in-house and external psalmists.
  • Maintaining all sound equipment.
  • Ensuring industry standard sound equipment is purchase and/ or hired by the church.
  • Ensuring all industry standard rules are adhered to by stewards, volunteers and contractors.


This team is responsible for the video recording of our service, conferences. This department also undertakes the following activities:

  • Editing and post-production of our services.
  • Liaising with external contractors to provide state of the art audio- visual facilities for major events and conference, such as lighting and staging.


Many of our services are reproduced for sale, thereby enabling everyone to take home a copy of a message they have enjoyed. CDs are all recorded live and are available to purchase immediately after each service.